Setting laundry back 2,000 years

Keywords: laundry pod, laundry, going green


The Laundry Pod is available in Spring 2011 according to their website.  Never heard of this thing before, then once I started Googling it tons of stuff popped up about it.  Sure is making a decent name for itself considering the thing hasn’t even hit shelves yet.   It’s exactly what it looks like;  a small plastic tub that you fill with soap and water, hand spin it for 3 minutes, filter some clean water, repeat the process and drain the water, spinning it dry for as long as your arm can handle it.

Cool idea- and I’m all for the going green thing.  I think the only market though is your small apartment dwellers. They mentioned Army, but how many Army environments have you seen that a little plastic tub will survive in?  Let’s be real here, that thing would have a steel-toe boot through the side of it before you could even dirty your shirt.