I have this buddy who is a salesman at a well-respected Department store here on Long Island,  and ever since we launched these sites, he has been all over me trying to get his own post on here.   While I’m not quick to let people just hijack my blog for their own enjoyment- I am quick to take free Ralph Lauren Big Pony Fragrance samples!!! haha

Last week he brought a bunch of RL cologne samplers over to my house,  all proud and he shoved them in my face, spraying them all around the kitchen like they were Lysol.  As good of a friend as he is, he should already know that I have absolutely zero sense of smell like 95% of the day-  and for that joyous 5% where I actually can breathe and smell things,  I don’t need Ralph Lauren sprayed in my eyeballs and nostrils!!!!!!

Needless to say, he left them at my house, and I was able to sample them at my own leisure(much more effective that way).   With that being said, here is how the RL Big Pony colognes weigh in on my scale: First off:   The bottles are awesome.  Right off the bat, without even smelling any of them, the design on the bottle already got my vote.    They are described on the RL website as such:  Ralph Lauren Big Pony Fragrance Collection

“Inspired by the Ralph Lauren the Big Pony polo shirt; Ralph Lauren introduces a new men’s fragrance team which offers the ultimate in sport and style for a youthful generation of men. Each of the 4 unique fragrances empowers this generation with its bold Polo Player icon and number. Get in the Game with the Big Pony fragrance collection.
Ralph Lauren Big Pony Blue # 1
Part of their iconic Big Pony fragrance collection, Ralph Lauren Blue is an invigorating mix of lime and grapefruit for a fresh sporty scent.
Ralph Lauren Big Pony Red # 2
Part of their iconic Big Pony fragrance collection, Ralph Lauren Red blends dark chocolate and musk for a spicy seductive scent.
Ralph Lauren Big Pony Green # 3
Part of their iconic Big Pony fragrance collection, Ralph Lauren Green is an adventurous scent for the outdoorsman, featuring hints of fresh mint and ginger.
Ralph Lauren Big Pony Orange # 4
Part of their iconic Big Pony fragrance collection, Ralph Lauren Orange energizes the senses with layers of mandarin and kyarawood.”


The winner?

Hands down, Big Pony #1 (sounds like some kinky prison boss doesn’t it?)     Before I even read the descriptions, I had chosen #1 for the sake of it’s “sporty scent”… wouldn’t you know I go and read the details and RL describes the scent as a “fresh sporty scent”.  Are you kidding me!?  Forget this blogging crap, I’m going to be a cologne-smeller-sniffer-namer-guy for Ralph Lauren! I nailed it.


#2… eh…  It was nice, but a tad too strong for me.

My rankings were as follows:  #1, #3, #4, #2

I would love to send you all to put money in my friends pockets, but the bosses shot me down.  Something about a privacy policy, or advertising policy… whatever. I have an even better deal for you-  If you order any of these colognes off Macys.com(i’m allowed to do that my bosses say… I just don’t get this crap) you can get one of these sweet chairs.   You find me a better way to be the most stylish person in the Yankees pre-game parking lot and I’ll call you a liar.