Theres a headline I never thought I’d ever write

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Don’t worry!  I’m not talking bad about her, I was just trying to be funny,  sorry.    Truth is,  I’ve seen thousands of pictures and videos of this girl over the past few months, and she is wearing nothing more than a skimpy bathing suit that she is 90% falling out of.   I’m not knocking her, she’s a beautiful girl, and she is very well, uhhh, gifted.



The stock of Kate Upton skyrocketed when her video of her doing ‘The Dougie” went viral; people were amazed to see a hot girl in the floor seats at a Basketball game doing the popular dance so well.  Then came boobie-bouncing video after boobie-bouncing video.  Followed shortly thereafter with her world famous Sports Illustrated Cover.   I respect the heck out of her-  she literally made something out of nothing, and she’s working it for everything she can.



Her choice of this big blue gown isn’t my favorite.  I love that she has a touch of class to her, and we all know I prefer class over ass, but I just don’t think this dress is flattering on her.  It’s much too heavy on the bottom, while being too thin up top-  it just seems like a very uncomfortable, unnecessarily big gown that is missing the Kate Upton Wow factor.