The Hunger Games Capitol Couture

Keywords: hunger games, capitol couture, movie fashion

I really didn’t understand the Hunger Games hype until I started reading the books. With a super busy schedule, and an extra busy week, I have managed to finished 2 and a half of the 3 book series….since Friday! These books are really impossible to put down, and after reading, I am stoked about the moving coming out next month! Lucky for us fashion folk, the brains behind the Hunger Games have spearheaded a fashion phenomenon; Capitol Couture. Capitol Couture is a website that takes us into the futuristic fashions of the Hunger Games, and with the Mulleavy sisters of Rodarte involved with the operation you know it must be good!


Perhaps our girl over at can fill us in on how to get these fab makeup looks!? And we know will keep us from going hungry!