PPR/Gucci Group on SALE

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PPR group, or more commonly known as the Gucci Group, welcomes all you starving fashion crazed addicts to the Fall Winter 2011 sale.  YES SALE ! ! ! ! … Now I know that some of you may have mixed feelings about high end luxury going on sale what with how it may tarnish ones image and belittle the brand, but TRUST, if we can get it at a better price I see no reason why we shouldn’t.  Also, no one is above a good deal … the rich, the poor, and all us in between!!!

Starting Friday December 2nd, 2011 (i know i’m a little late) Gucci opened there doors to there fw 2011 sale marking select merchandise in womens and mens RTW @ 50% off .. shoes included.  Bags and small leather goods 30% off … I remember when people would go bananas for tax free days, so get into it!!!


YSL, which few may not know, also is apart of the oh so under stated PPR Group.  Boy oh BOY, does there sale make me gitty!! Glasses, and jewelry, and shoes OH MY!!!!!!!! YSL has the timeless classy approach that just makes me want more and more and more!!! And similar to the discount at Gucci, YSL takes great care of there clients!!

I wanted to throw one at you that you typically do not hear much about: Balenciaga!!  There location in LA, a discrete shop nested in the vines and greenery across from the PDC on Melrose, is similar to the discretion of Louboutin shops.  And the Balenciaga location in NYC (10th ave and 22nd st) at times gets swept aside by all the art galleries that surround the area.  But alas sale strikes Balenciaga as well!!!

Adding to the collection of PPR Group hot shopping locations include: Alexander McQueen, Bottega Veneta, Sergio Rossi (although no longer in the US anymore) and Boucheron (although i am not 100% the have sale, but if you can afford them at any cost, good for you!)

Whatever the case maybe X-mas is around the corner so make your list, check it twice and don’t forget to send me a gift!!

  • LaLaLopez

    Love this inside scope!!!

    December 07 2011
    • Max

      Im coming :)

      December 06 2011
      • JUSTIN

        Sale items are great when it comes down to products that were originally marked for insanely high prices… when it’s half off, one wouldn’t mind dropping money on items that they would wear once…or twice :) These sales seems amazing and so much fun and perfect timing just before the holidays!!!! Great time to buy plenty for love ones and perhaps a pair of shoes or a bag for yourself !!!!

        December 06 2011