Easter inspiration.

Keywords: weekend, easter eggs, easter style

Time is really flying this year, I can’t believe Easter is already this Sunday! When I was little I would get so excited to wear a frilly dress and an Easter bonnet (typical me). Nowadays, I still try to keep a touch of festivity in my outfits, trying to find a great alternative for the my old school bonnets ;) .

As silly as it sounds, easter eggs have always been a great source of inspiration for my Easter outfits, especially ones as pretty as these!

What do you guys think of this cheap and chic hat from Forever 21? While I love the black chiffon bow against the natural hued woven hat, I think it would be so pretty to swap it out for some lavender or mint chiffon for the Holiday! Hat or no hat, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend no matter what you are celebrating! Can’t wait to catch up on Monday, have a wonderful weekend!

Au revoir!