Sheer and Shearling

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It has only been during the past few days that it is really starting to feel like winter here in NY. With unseasonably warm temperatures last week, hovering in the 40′s and 50′s, frumps and fashionistas alike seem to be confused on just how to dress. While walking to work the other day I saw one woman dressed for the tundra (wearing a floor length, fur hooded, down coat) and a woman next to her dressed for a brisk fall day (wearing a sweater with no jacket at all). Is this wacky weather a just a pain in the a** or is it a breeding ground for trends?


The best way to pick out an outfit when dressing for weather like this is to borrow clothes from last season’s wardrobe. Try pairing a sexy sheer top or dress with a shearling vest. Not only is this a great way to get your wardrobe more run for your money, but you will be able to transition from the frigid mornings to the warm afternoons while looking cute all day long!