The South Beach retirees know how to rock the latest fashions!

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Sure we all change as we grow older, but there are some traits that stick with us for our whole lives, traits that  truly define us. As a fashion girl, I can say that fashion has been a passion of mine for my entire life, and I am sure it is something that will continue to stay with me forever. Refinery29 was kind enough to share with us these adorable pictures of fabulous fashionistas in South Beach.

These fashionable retirees seem to be a glimpse into my future. I hope that as I grow older my love for fashion will be a trait that I carry with me. These ladies are great role models to look to in order to remind us to be who we want to be, to dress in what makes us happy, and to always be confident. I always think that looking to our elders is a great way to decide how you want to live your life and how to go about becoming the person that you want to be, and these ladies are true, fashionable inspirations!