Multi-season boots!

Keywords: all saints, boots, moto boots

Welcome back from the holiday weekend, I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful sun and that you had a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend! I know that you are wondering why I am posting about boots when it was 90 degrees yesterday here in NYC. Well the truth is that if you live in NY (and other fashion forward cities), it is completely normal to wear boots all year round, especially if they are as cool as these!

I have been on the hunt for combat/moto boots that I LOVE, and I think this is a fabulous cross between the two. You can find these All Saints boots at Since we are not officially in summer yet, I am sure we will have a few less than sweltering days to come. On those days, try pairing boots like these with a pair of shorts, or cool, ultra-feminine dress or skirt for an edgy look! Come on, take a chance!