Lindsay Lohan plays with fire for Terry Richardson photo shoot

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This doesn’t exactly look like a girl who is trying to get her act together. Lindsay Lohan played with guns for her recent Terry Richardson shoot looking like a wreck once again.

I was really pulling for her when she s tarted filming Liz & Dick, but at this rate, it looks like Lindsay is  heading back into her downward spiral. Not only have there been recent rumors of her violation of parole and her bad attitude on set, but with this photo shoot, it looks like LiLo is not ready to give up her bad girl image.

Remember when Lindsay was a great role model for young women? Me either, but at this rate, it doesn’t look like she is a good role model for anyone. I understand Terry Richardson is one of the best in the biz, but this shoot is definitely not going to help Lindsay move forward with her career. So sad.