Paulina Gretzky ran the web crazy last week with this dress/lingerie combo thing

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So the internet was going crazy over these pictures of Paulina Gretzky last week.   A friend of  mine mentioned the pictures of Paulina that he saw on wePUCKny and said he was surprised that I didn’t weigh in on the outfit getting so much press on the web.  Here is the video footage from TMZ:



Truthfully, I had no idea who Paulina Gretzky was and had no idea she had pictures going around the internet.  I know Wayne Gretzky(he’s one of the famous athletes that every person in the world knows, like Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth etc)   Paulina is his 23 year old party girl daughter that got caught leaving a club in Hollywood by the TMZ photogs, wearing this slutty/sexy dress/lingerie thing.


I’m all sorts of confused here.  From the front, it honestly looked like a dress haha, the TMZ commentator nails it perfectly, but then she turned around and it changed everything.


She’s young, she has the body, she loves to party, she drips sex appeal… okay yeah,  it’s 100% lingerie.  Completely inappropriate. I can respect a beautiful woman, and a woman who accentuates her body with her wardrobe-  but this is just too much for me.    It’s slutty, and it changes your opinion on her without ever meeting her-  one of those ‘first impression’ things I guess,   she kind of ruined it for me.   Sorry Paulina, best of luck to you,  all men on earth thank you for your pictures.