The newest material for winter

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Dooooooooon’t worry-  I’m not late to the party.  I’m not breaking “Polyester is new for Fall 2011″.  Truth is,  towards the end of last winter, I went on a little “mind relaxing” spree at the mall to get my mind off things-   and out I walked with bag after bag of Make-me-feel-good-clothes…..  You’ve all been there right?

what was in those bags you ask?   Well, I browsed through the mall, and the new Nike store had just opened that week, out of curiosity I had to take a peek.   Peek I did, and loved it!  the store was beautiful, but more importantly, the place was stocked with what looked like every piece of clothing Nike had designed for the past 10 years.    Naturally, I went over to the hooded sweatshirt section because it was still cold out.   That’s when I was introduced to these beauties: Polyester hoodies, also sometimes referred to as Dri-fit. The 100% polyester is a bit more loose fitting than the Dri-fit apparel.

As always, Nike has a ridiculous assortment of colors and styles.   Plenty for Men, plenty for Women.  Pick these beauties up at

After the click I have a few more pics of some of their current products you can find on the shelves to keep you warm this upcoming season!