What lurks behind the scenes?

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This broke a month back or so, so i’m not covering anything new here people-  but I am actually a real fan of the BBC line- I haven’t bought anything within the past year or so since my money unfortunately has to be spent on grownup things now like food, insurance and  rent… ugh.  But I did have a big BBC run when they first launched, and I must say, the quality lasts because every single t-shirt I bought is still in rotation, and looks like it was just pulled out of the package yesterday.

I was immediately drawn to the brand due to its outlandish designs, and its uniqueness.  They never became extremely popular, atleast not in the areas I hung out in, and I remember always getting excited when I see someone else in a piece of their clothing.

While clicking around today, I saved a few pieces that are definitely going on the wish-list   

^^  For the guys out there that love a fashionable chik

I’ll pass on the tie-over sweater.  Lose the wrapping paper tie.  But keep the dress shirt with the private jet crest!  I can make that look gooooood

***Jay-Z and Pharrell don’t be afraid to throw some free gear this way-