Micaela Schaefer bares nearly all at the Men In Black 3 Premiere

Keywords: maria schaefer, men in black 3, garbage bag dress


My My My, Micaela Schaefer, just when I thought I had seen it all, you show up on the Red Carpet wearing a Black garbage bag that your cat ripped to shreds.   I know you can’t see me right now,  but I’m shaking my head.


Yes you’re beautiful, yes you have an incredible body, yes you deserve to wear something that turns heads-  but have some class, and most of all, have some respect for yourself.



I’ll never knock a woman for flaunting her body,  when it’s done tastefully.    But showing up to a Hollywood Blockbuster Movie Premiere wearing something that covers less skin than a pair of ankle socks is just plain tasteless.  Of course she’s gonna be the hottest searched thing today on the internet, and the entire world is going to be talking about her for the rest of the week- but there can’t possibly be much long term good from a stunt like this.



After the dust settles, and the wow factor is gone, I’d like to think the tight purple stunner that Nicole Sherzinger wore to the premiere(which I featured in our pic of the day earlier) will go on to be commended more than this sad cry for attention.


Do it with class, not your ass!