I didn’t watch, just commenting on wardrobes

Keywords: playboy, the playboy club, nbc

The coming attractions didn’t suck me in unfortunately.  I guess I don’t have a specific type of TV show I watch, I’m kind of all over the map. You check my DVR and I have everything from a hockey game, to some history channel special about how to build a bridge…. Honest truth- I am a freakin weirdo when it comes to my TV habits.  It’s like whatever is on at the time I happen to be watching, if it gets me, I’ll go and setup the DVR to tape all 400 showings and repeats over and over and over again haha

I give NBC credit and I wish em the best of luck, I think they have a hell of a name to run with.  I’m pretty sure you could catch the attention of the entire general public as long as you put the Playboy stamp on a product. I can’t sit here and praise or bash the show-  they’re only two weeks into the season so I guess we’ll wait and see what the viewership turns out like.

I just thought it would be cool to post some of the wardrobes they used for the girls working in the actual Playboy Club. Thought you guys might enjoy them.  Brings me back to the ooooool’ days