Welcome “bois in heels” or not just yet ? ? ?

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You’ll see fashion forward trendsetters across the globe from the Rodarte runway with Louboutins, to Twiggy and her mini skirt  … all the way to Coco Chanel and the oh so classic little black dress.  Fashion trends are often started with that martyr that dares the unthinkable & ventures into the unknown.  So tonite I pose the question “bois in heels” .. something to welcome or something still for those underground parties and back alley situations?!



At times some men (or bois as I like to call it) can get away with the classic “YSL Johnny Boot” putting the owner at a 2.5 inch taller appearance and still gives ones arch and calf a workout, let me tell you!!!  Also American Iconic Designer, Tom Ford, has been known to beat the runway with his elevating boots that would be an addition to anyones wardrobe!  But are these looks ultra Euro and a shaky addition to the US market?!?!?


Either way whatever you think about this topic know that fashion is in the eye of the beholder and although I have many opinions myself one should try to look at the situation with open minds and open hearts knowing that it probably took a whole lot of guts to pull that “something” off.

Enjoy the link below and tell me that equality hasn’t prevailed!!!!



  • stephen dailey

    i own 3 pairs of ysl johnny boots, and i wear them with skinny bootleg cut trouser, 70′s looking style, there so many way to rock the johnny boots

    May 09 2012

    • [...] worse than tripping on the catwalk?   I’m not a model, and I don’t partake in the Mens in heels trend going on at the moment, so thankfully I never, ever, ever have to worry about this.   But man,  this seriously must be [...]

      December 09 2011
      • Brian

        As someone who enjoy his YSL Jonny boots, I’m not afraid to rock the occasional platform or stiletto or combo of both! I believe that fashion is exactly that, FASHION! It is to be enjoyed and shown proudly to whoever and whenever. I have always been a lover of personal style and love to see what people come up with, and if a boi admires the aesthetic beauty of a pair of high heels then he should feel free to wear them if he chooses! :)

        December 01 2011
        • Darnell

          The higher the heel the better! <3

          December 01 2011
            • Jessica N.

              Although it may push the comfort boundaries for the average American, risk-taking and gender breaking fashion is a refreshing expression of our time. Especially in male fashion which through history hasn’t really been afforded much ingenuity or diversity as its’ counterpart.
              “Bois” in heels is an admirable fashion statement not only for the creative (and extremely fierce) styling, but also the connotation it can be associated with, the headway American’s have made–and are continuing to make–in regards to
              equality and tolerance during our generation. It can be a game changer.

              I say, let all men/Bois wear heels… They should suffer like us women in our 5 1/2″ patent leather pumps at the end of the (work) day for the sake of fashion!

              November 30 2011
              • Max

                Europe is much more openminded about such things I believe…. In Paris I’ve seen bois of different ages wearing heels… it was daytime and people around was acting like they see such things multiple times every day :)

                November 29 2011
                • JUSTIN

                  In my perspective, Bois in heels are just like guys wearing eyeliner…not everyone can rock it fashionably so it may not be mainstream but i think it’s fine for those that can pull it off and be trendy in heels.and be trendsetter…but over time, i believe men’s shoe will crossover with heels. Kilt/skirt has slowly crossover to men’s fashion as well and became accepted in the public eyes. alas, bois in heels will get mainstream shortly! PS, great YSL boots!

                  November 29 2011