…to make an H&M ad look this sexy!

Keywords: lana del ray, h&m

YouTube sensation Lana Del Ray has not only been making waves in the music industry this past year, but she has become quite the muse in the fashion industry. Here is the eclectic beauty, looking fabulous in the fall campaign for H&M!

One of the great things about Lana is that she represents fashion for what it should really be about: one’s own, personalized sense of style. While I too am guilty for dreaming of having closets full of Louboutins and Chanel jackets, fashion is not just about labels. When you are able to dress to the 9′s for $20 or $2,000 is when you know you really get fashion. Lana has dabbled in the luxury market (Mulberry has even created a bag inspired by her!), but it is great to see she can rock a sweater that probably costs $30 and make it look like a million bucks! Something tells me Lana is here to stay in the fashion industry, even if she can’t sing well on live TV!