Another unlikely collaboration could be bringing a whole new perspective to luxury department stores!

Keywords: nordstrom, topshop, topman

Starting on September 10, fourteen Nordstrom retailers will offer limited-edition Topshop and Topman items in their stores, while a larger selection will be available for sale on Nordstrom’s website. The collaboration is an unlikely one, but there could be some great growth potential for both parties.

Topshop and Topman are considered fast-fashion retailers, and turn around trendy, yet affordable merchandise at a fast pace. This is why both Topshop and Topman may have plenty to offer customers that Nordstrom doesn’t, they are filling in a gap in the store. Topshop owner Sir Philip Green stated ”I believe Topshop and Topman offer the Nordstrom customer something very different and unique with our signature British fashion authority.”