What’s going on with the wardrobes of the NBA Playoffs?

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This article comes by way of a readers request- asking me to showcase some of the best fashion no-no’s we’ve seen throughout the NBA Playoffs. Had to kick this article off with none other than this guy Dwayne Wade, in hot pink pants and huge headphones on his way into the basketball arena.



Out of all the names I could collect, and based on the guys who kept popping up in every Google image search I could find,  it seems as if these 3 guys are the most outspoken when it comes to NBA Fashion:   Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat,  Lebron James of the Miami Heat, and Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder.   They’re apparently all guys from the only 2 teams left battling it out for the championship, so it makes sense that they have the most pictures up.



Chic?   Geek?   Hipster?  These outfits are all over the place-   they definitely don’t define these guys personalities, I think these are more fashion statements they’re making that they can pull off anything with money, class and NBA fame.   I personally think they look a bit silly in the majority of these outfits,  but I’m sure these guys have all sorts of celebrity stylist friends who think they’re doing them a favor by sending them all the latest and greatest.



This is Russell Westbrook-   I don’t know him, but he’s my favorite out of the group.  His outfits are pretty consistent, so in my mind I like to think he’s not doing this for the show, and that he actually enjoys expressing himself through his clothing-  that’s what fashion is all about isn’t it?



Here he is again-  while I’ve never been a fan of the short sleeved dress shirt/tie combo,  I still think Russell does a good job here of pulling it all together in a young, fun, professional kind of way.


Moral of the story:  I’m glad this was brought to my attention,  it brought a few goods laughs to my face, enlightened me a little bit about the NBA season (the OKC Thunder team is losing to the Miami Heat team 3-1 in the best of 7 series, that means trouble for the Thunder).


Celebrities and athletes always tend to have access to the newest product out, and this article is the exact reason-  these guys get press coverage over any little thing they do- their game gets picked apart, their outfits get picked apart, their personal life gets picked apart… but that big box of free fashion goodies that lands on their doorstep every once in a while makes all the bad press well worth the abuse.