I kind of have a thing for skulls…and you should too!

Keywords: betsey johnson, skull romper

I recently purchased a skull tank top from H&M and since then I have become OBSESSED with skulls. I love the idea of taking something so dark bringing some femininity to it. For example, in the tank that I have from H&M, the skull is made up of colorful flowers. After a friend pointed out this Betsey Johnson romper to me from her Spring 2012 collection, I was just dying to share my latest obsession with you!

The shape of this romper is super feminine and old fashioned, which is why the skulls are such a great compliment to it. I love the idea of adding pops of pink to it like Betsey did for her runway show. Another fab way to style this would be to add another super-fem print to the look, like a floral print blazer or heels!