Riri confirms that she has something in the works

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Rihanna has confirmed to reporters on the red carpet on Monday night at the Met Gala, that she does infact have her own fashion line in the works.  Rihanna said “I’m doing my own collection.  I’m working on it- it will reflect my own style”.



There haven’t been any detailed released as of yet-  Nobody knows if her newest venture is still in the beginning stages, or if we’ll be seeing the new Rihanna inspired clothing in department stores next week.   While the details haven’t been released, one we know for sure is that if she truly is devoting her own time and style into her own line, then we are certainly in for a treat.


We’ve seen Rihanna making all sorts of fashion statements through the years, so I’m sure I’m not the only one who is excited to hear the official announcement and details when the time comes.    I’m going with colorful, yet professional, yet fun all mixed in with a splash of sexiness in the equation.   As soon as anything more comes out on her line, I promise to get it up here for you guys.