Once I posted that Louboutin Ballet Slipper, I knew my day was over

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Earlier this afternoon I selected the Christian Louboutin custom ballet slippers made for Dita Von Teese.  Well, long story short, let’s just say that the majority of my day was spent drooling over atleast a couple thousand pairs of shoes all around the internet.  And wouldn’t ya know it,  Christian Louboutins won me over for my last article of the day.



I thought hey, why not see what celebs wear his shoes, get a nice little collection going, and post them up here for you to enjoy.



And while browsing, I came across these:

There may be a slight possibility that these are fake, but I don’t even care.  These things popped up on my screen and I knew instantly, love at first sight does exist.  I believe these beauties are called the Christian Louboutin Pensee 120 Satin Pointed toe Pumps.


There are literally 3 real sites to buy trustworthy Louboutins from, and then about 3,978,235 other sites that you could buy sketchy Louboutins on… I found these on one of the sketchy one,  so be warned haha.    I may have to do a little homework on these- summers right around the corner, and I’m pretty sure there is a party on my schedule that is screaming for these shoes.