(that every girl should make!)

Keywords: new year resolutions, nail polish, chipped nails, carrie bradshaw, chic bun, groupon, cambridge satchel, neon

1. Do not leave the house with chipped nail polish

I know this may be difficult when we are all so busy, but I have come to realize there is no excuse, it takes less than a minute to remove polish (unless you are wearing glitter polish which is a whole different story). It is better to keep your digits bare and to have on unsightly chipped polish.

2. Add a pop of color to your wardrobe

Sure black is chic, makes you feel skinny, matches EVERYTHING, and is just the easiest color to wear, but HELLO PEOPLE, it  is time to add some color to your life! Neon colors are going to be everywhere this spring, why not get a head start and add a touch of color to your life now? Check out these fabulous neon bags from the Cambridge Satchel Company!

3. Try a huge chic bun at least once (alla Carrie Bradshaw)

It may be a bold hairstyle, but it is nothing less that fabulous! If you are like me and love your hair down, this is a great alternative. The bun will draw attention away from your face, concealing any marks or blemishes. Not to mention, if you are short like me it will add a few inches to your height!

4. Be a Smart Shopper 

I have always been a smart shopper, keeping an eye out for the best prices. It just makes sense, especially with the internet. When making a purchase, make sure you shop around the internet for the best price possible. Websites such as Groupon are a great way to get fabulous deals! Just think, the more money you save on one purchase, the more you can spend on the next!

5. De-clutter your life (and your wardrobe)!

We can all be hoarders when it comes to clothes. My rule of thumb is that if you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it! Unless it is a classic piece or something really expensive, it is best to be out with the old and in with the new. Make room for those fabulous new clothes you got for the holidays!