Loving this guys style and character

Keywords: robert downey jr, sherlock holmes, suit with sneaks

Robert Downey Jr. was in full character at the London premiere of his new film,  Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows, at the Empire Leicester Square back on December 8. I’m not sure if it’s even morally acceptable to love this guy cause I know he has had such a troubled past in Hollywood,  but come on!   He’s on top of the world, witty, attractive, stylish, talented etc.  I say everyone deserves a second chance.

Jude Law isn’t doing it for me as much to be honest, I get the outfit, but I just won’t give it the weFASHIONny thumbs up.   Maybe it’s the beard?  maybe its the 4 different colors he rolled into one outfit, or maybe it’s the oversized beanie that looks like it’s weighing down the back of his head?    I can’t decide what I don’t like, but I know it doesn’t work for me.

Robert Downey Jr wears a suit/sneaker/skinny tie combo just as good as anyone I have seen.   Sneakers with a suit are never a 100% sell, its nearly impossible to pull off, but when I do see someone attempting it, KUDOS!     And how cool must it be to wake up, shower, throw on a suit and sneakers and walk into the premiere of your newest film that is already a guaranteed blockbuster….   aaaaahhh the life of a celebrity,  so challenging huh?


And can someone please explain what the heck Noomi Rapace is wearing in that second picture?   Stripes or polkadots, guess her stylist just couldn’t make up her mind that morning.