Fine for a museum, but a personal collector? yuck

Keywords: princess diana, royal wedding, wedding dress

Princess Diana’s back-up wedding dress and shoes were auctioned at London’s Kerry Taylor auction house this past week,  fetching a grand total of 84,000 Pounds,  which equates to $I, have, noidea.00

The Daily Mail reported pretty good on this story, that’s where we read about it atleast and grabbed the pics from.    It got a little confusing since there were so many items being auctioned.  All in all,  when you’re  a princess there is obviously going to be doubles and triples of everything possible on the day of your Royal Wedding,   so these headlines shouldn’t be as shocking as they were.    Such a shame looking back at it,  I was only a young kid, just entering my teens, so I didn’t really grasp the concept.