LUCKY the Penguin!

Keywords: lucky, penguin, teva, designer sandals


WELL I’LL BE!!!    Here I am slaving my butt off in every industry possible trying to make a buck,  and in walks Lucky the Penguin just flaunting his stuff right in my face, rubbing in the fact that he gets custom Tevas built to his liking.   Ask me how many custom sized Tevas I own……  ZERO.  Ask me how many custom Tevas I have being made for me right this second:   ZERO.


On another note, is Lucky not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?  If that first picture of him walking with his designer sandal doesn’t just scream “Pimpin”  then I dont know what is.    Do you realize how cool he must be now with all the other chik penguins?

“ooh cool Bob, you did that trick again where you caught the fish… shocking.   Don’t mind me while I take off my Orange Teva and switch it up for my custom Neon Blue one-off!”

In all seriousness,  I guess Lucky had a limp(aka his swagger walk) stemming from birth, and the zoo managers contacted Teva asking if they’d be interested in jumping on the project.   So cool! Big shout out to Teva for having a heart and getting this guy back into the relay races with the other Penguins.