Work that name girl! but don’t call it a running shoe

Keywords: heidi klum, new balance, womens sneakers

Heidi Klum runs a blog, correction, The brand that is known as Heidi Klum, runs a blog called Heidi Klum on AOL. It’s cool, they have some great stuff every once in a while.  My only beef is it’s not Heidi Klum, nor would I expect it to be HK 24/7.  But sometimes when I read it I am disappointed in the fact that it all sounds robotic, theres no personality to it.

She teamed up with New Balance to do some other stuff before this apparently,  and based on the blog below they posted on her site she’s continuing on with the NB paychecks.   Cool with me Heidi, we support you!  Can’t say I ever pictured you as a silver and army green running shoe type of gal,  but I guess I can run with it.

The full excerpt and the link to the Heidi Klum blog is right here after the click (I hate clogging up my home page with quotes. Not everyone likes to read alot)

We all need a good pair of sneakers whether its for running to the gym or running to the store. So I have extended my line with New Balance and designed a few stylish pairs of sneakers.

HKNB are made from two of New Balance’s traditional styles, the 410 and the 320. I like to think they are perfect for women because they are sleek and modern and have a classic take on color blocking.

You all know that I’m making a commitment to stay in shape this summer and will be running each day for eight weeks beginning June 20. These sneakers will help me reach my goals, and I hope you will make some goals of your own and join me on my run. We can get fit together!