See the TRUE secrets of that Victoria has up her sleeves . . .

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Some people wait all year for the Superbowl … others for Labor Day Weekend, but alas us fashion starved creatures stay up all night midweek for the oh so highly anticipated Victoria’s Secret (VS) Fashion Show … 2011 Edition.  On Tuesday November 29th one of the most magnificence shows beat the runway to reveal not what only appeals to a male sexual audience, but fashion critics, sex kittens, and the topic of tonite, those that desire to look and be just as thin . . .

One of the great supermodels herself stated “…nothing tastes as good as thin feels.” Others take it further to say “thin is out & bones are in so let me hear and see them shake”.

Whatever the case may be one should WURQ what they are given and if they are not pleased with something then by all means feel free to change it, just as along as it is done with caution and deep thought of the result they truly envision.  With that being said, enjoy a few real time photos snapped from my counterpart, BooNa, at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa (aKa Sunny Southern California).  And remember all Angels do go to HEAVEN!!!!!

Link to VS Show:

  • Brian

    Alessandra Ambrosio, my favorite, looked so amazingly gorgeous in that peacock looking set of wings! I DIED!

    December 01 2011
    • JUSTIN

      girls want to be like these angels, while guys want to be with them. These angel r for sure not going to heaven stirring this much trouble in the world. we love to hate them because they are what we can’t have. I shall go throw up so i can smell thin. they are the source of my problem : /

      December 01 2011