She ruled the world once before… might as well

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The clothing line is available through Kohls, their website seems to have everything in stock and ready for delivery.   To be honest,  it’s exactly what I would expect out of a J-Lo clothing line, know what I mean?

One of the hardest working women in the industry, actress-singer-producer-dancer-television personality Jennifer Lopez is adding yet another gig to her lineup: clothing & home designer.

No stranger to the business, you remember she launched her “Sweetface” clothing line back in 05′,  the 42-year-old  is seeking to expand her brand to Kohl’s. It’s called The Jennifer Lopez Collection, and it will include apparel, accessories and home designs.       Her home collection is actually quite impressive- even more so than her clothing in my opinion.  Very clean and crisp furnishings to add a little flavor to any home. 

More pictures after the click (didn’t want to flood up our home page with just J-Lo clothes.  We love her and we love pictures, but we have to store her after the click


And I threw in one for you home decorating fashion fans too….. hmmm… maybe I’ll tell my boss to open up a home style blog so I can get my daily home design fix without even lifting a finger or spending 2 hours watching HGTV(love that channel