It doesn’t have to be a competition


Keyword: sleepwear, comfy, lingerie

I have had this fight with my husband time and time again.  I crawl into bed in pair of his old boxers and an over sized t-shirt, and he begins complaining that he feels like he’s laying next to one of his guy friends. The truth is, it’s not the most comfortable thing to be going to sleep in lace undies and a matching bra every night. But you men  need to feel like you are sleeping next to super models all the time. So, here is a way to make us both happy!  Ladies, tonight when it is close to bedtime, slip on a pair of booty shorts and a simple tank top. Try staying away from lace as it can get itchy. Cotten is always your best bet, especially if you’ll be sleeping in it all night.  This look is comfortable for us women, and still sexy enough for you men. Check out our friends at Victorias Secret for some great selections. I will now consider this case closed!!