Male celebrities in Diamond studs

Keywords: diddy, david beckham, Jamie foxx, terrell owens

I was always that kid that looked funny in baseball hats. looked stupid in earrings, and HAD  to keep the same haircut for like 11 years because I felt comfortable.   Even with trends changing so quickly nowadays, I can guarantee you if I was 18 I’d still be walking around with the same haircut and appearance as I had back then.  Change up the clothes a bit obviously, but I still don’t think I’d ever be able to make a drastic change-   i.e. diamond studs dangling from my ears.


Flicking through pictures to load up on new articles, and somehow landed on this topic:  I wish I could wear diamond studs and look as fashionable/professional/presentable as these 4 gentleman do.   The Diamond studs on guys, when done correctly, just kind of set you apart from the rest of the room.   Then again, if you have $100 grand hanging from each ear lobe, I’m pretty sure you stand in the crowd no matter what.