See the TRUE secrets of that Victoria has up her sleeves . . .

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Some people wait all year for the Superbowl … others for Labor Day Weekend, but alas us fashion starved creatures stay up all night midweek for the oh so highly anticipated Victoria’s Secret (VS) Fashion Show … 2011 Edition.  On Tuesday November 29th one of the most magnificence shows beat the runway to reveal not what only appeals to a male sexual audience, but fashion critics, sex kittens, and the topic of tonite, those that desire to look and be just as thin . . .

One of the great supermodels herself stated “…nothing tastes as good as thin feels.” Others take it further to say “thin is out & bones are in so let me hear and see them shake”.

Whatever the case may be one should WURQ what they are given and if they are not pleased with something then by all means feel free to change it, just as along as it is done with caution and deep thought of the result they truly envision.  With that being said, enjoy a few real time photos snapped from my counterpart, BooNa, at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa (aKa Sunny Southern California).  And remember all Angels do go to HEAVEN!!!!!

Link to VS Show:

Bring patriotism to the little toes in your life!

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I love TOMS, I love kids, and with each flag-themed post I write, I am starting to convince myself to love the Americana trend. But with every trend that I am unsure of at first, I like to take baby steps, which is why these TOMS for kids are so perfect! I think that little ones, festive for any occasion, are just the cutest! These adorable red, white, and blue TOMS for kids are the perfect shoes to put on your tots toes, and they are inexpensive to boot! Find them at for only $29!!!

LUCKY the Penguin!

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WELL I’LL BE!!!    Here I am slaving my butt off in every industry possible trying to make a buck,  and in walks Lucky the Penguin just flaunting his stuff right in my face, rubbing in the fact that he gets custom Tevas built to his liking.   Ask me how many custom sized Tevas I own……  ZERO.  Ask me how many custom Tevas I have being made for me right this second:   ZERO.


On another note, is Lucky not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?  If that first picture of him walking with his designer sandal doesn’t just scream “Pimpin”  then I dont know what is.    Do you realize how cool he must be now with all the other chik penguins?

“ooh cool Bob, you did that trick again where you caught the fish… shocking.   Don’t mind me while I take off my Orange Teva and switch it up for my custom Neon Blue one-off!”

In all seriousness,  I guess Lucky had a limp(aka his swagger walk) stemming from birth, and the zoo managers contacted Teva asking if they’d be interested in jumping on the project.   So cool! Big shout out to Teva for having a heart and getting this guy back into the relay races with the other Penguins.

Sit front row at New York Fashion Week without leaving your desk!

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If you adore fashion like I do, Fashion Week in New York is one of the most exciting times of the year for you. Unfortunately, with a full time job that doesn’t score me invites to these fabulous shows, I am out of luck on joining all of the fabulous Fashion Week festivities. Attending a few shows just doesn’t cut it for me. Lucky for ordinary folk like us, provides us with complete coverage of the hottest shows. My advice to you is to keep up with the shows as they are posted, by the end of the week there will be way too many shows posted to view in one sitting. If your following the shows, let us know which are your favorite looks!

Zac Efron looks hotter than ever in the John John Denim ad campaign!

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That DEFINITELY doesn’t look like the same guy who was on High School Musical a few years ago! MAJOR hottie, Zac Efron, is the new face of John John Denim, and he’s lighting the campaign on fire!

When did the tap dancing teen get so buff? Oh yeah, the clothes look awesome too! What do you think of the sexy new Zefron?

A few of my fave looks from the Elie Saab Fall 2012 collection!

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I admitted yesterday that I have not had a whole lot of time to keep up with the fabulous shows that have been going on in Paris, but I have been checking in on my favorite designers every now and again. I have been a huge Elie Saab fan lately, and his new collection just fueled the fire. I love the emerald green that he sent down the runway in cocktail dresses and evening gowns, and the way he mixed fabrics and textures on basic black is just stunning. Here are a few of my favorite looks from the collection, I can’t wait to see which looks wind up on the red carpet!

Penelope Cruz joins Saks Fifth Avenue for the Key to the Cure campaign.

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Penelope Cruz is the face of Saks Fifth Avenue’s 2012 Key to the Cure campaign. Cruz will star in the national public service announcements and national lifestyle and fashion magazines wearing a limited edition, Carolina Hererra T-shirt.


As of Oct. 1, shoppers will be able to buy the $35 shirt at Saks Fifth Avenue and Off 5th stores, as well as on, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to EIF’s Women’s Cancer Research Fund. Carolina Hererra will also be hosting a meet and greet for the Key to the Cure shopping weekend, which is scheduled for October 18 – 20. We love to see people working together for a cause! Grab a shirt of your own, you won’t regret it!