Second Mad Men collection for Banana Republic to be released on March 1st

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Retro seems to be a trend that is not going away, and it clearly has something to do with the fabulous period inspired TV shows that have been taking the tube. Mad Men is a show that inspires trends, so much so that Banana Republic is going to release their second Mad Men inspired collection next month. Check out Banana Republic stores on March 1st to check out the fabulous new collection, just in time for the shows’ new season!

Conversation starter atleast, no?

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Check out this genius shoe rack we found over at for $65.    Let me summarize the excerpt from their website-  this shoe wheel thing has the ability to hold up to 30 shoes, depending on the type.    Now I don’t know how many of our viewers share the same shoe storage problem as I do, but for those that can relate- the Shoe wheel is a genius invention.

….now if only it did laundry and cooked italian food…. i’da found my soul mate.

Now these are some cool stockings

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You can’t tell me these things wouldn’t be a hit wherever you go!  how much fun!     Granted, I wouldn’t wear them out to a fancy dinner, but a fun night out with friends and these things would be #1 on my list.      I feel like it’s a 1-time thing though, ya know?  Like wear them once, everyone laughs and comments and has a good time… then they have to be retired.

T-shirt bullies Kristen Stewart

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Have you caught a glimpse of this yet? Apparently some t-shirt company is capitalizing on Kristen Stewarts cheating scandal. While I am certainly not on Kristen’s side of the ring for this one, I think that this t-shirt is taking it a little too far. We live in a society that is constantly trying to stop bullying, and clearly, as demonstrated by the creators of this t-shirt, many adults are still guilty of it. The moral of the story is that no one deserves to be bullied, not even if they are in the public eye.

Celebs keeping cozy for the snowy Sundance

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It may be called the Sundance Film Festival, but it seems like the sun is the farthest thing away from Park City, Utah. Celebs have had the challenge of braving the snow, while staying chic for the Sudnance festivities. Taylor Swift and Elizabeth Olsen both look more adorable than ever, while opting for the cozy look. The focal point on both of their outfits are their comfy winter hats. Although we are snow free for a few days here in New York, something tells me there is more to come. Prepare yourself to be cute and cozy and check out Urban Outfitters for similar style hats!

(I swear, it looks WAY cuter on!)

These ladies looked ravishing at last night’s SAG Awards!

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Unlike previous award shows, I had an easier time choosing my fashion faves from yesterday evening’s SAG Awards, these ladies stole the show with their fabulous fashion choices!

Ashley Simpson called upon her beau’s TV show for her SAG ensemble, she looked stunning in Jenny Packham.

Emma Stone pulled off this tea length Alexander McQueen dress without looking like she was going to a tea party.

Michele Williams stuck to her Old Hollywood style in Valentino and got it right as usual, this girl is always a class act.

Angelina Jolie looked incredible in her black Jenny Packham halter. This kind of brought us back to her badass days, except with more glamour than grime.

Naya Rivera looked classy and glamourous in this Naeem Kahn gown, bearing just the right amount of cleavage.

From Prada to pixie!

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Since The Devil Wears Prada, I have been a HUGE Anne Hathaway fan. Not only did that movie hit close to home, but Anne was the perfect choice as the movies leading lady. I think that she is such a stunning woman and makes fabulous fashion choices even in her post-prada days (many thanks to her stylist Rachel Zoe I am sure!). So when Anne was seen on Saturday in London having chopped her luscious locks off, I, like many of you I am sure was shocked! Apparently Anne cut off her hair for the current role she has also reportedly been losing weight for as Fantine in Les Miserables. 



Anne is such a beautiful girl with amazing features that she can totally rock the pixie cut! Short hair is a bold move that really shows a woman’s confidence.  I admire any girl that has the guts to chop off her hair! I am DYING to hear what my girl Jill over at has to say about this! Thoughts everyone???